FLU 2022 Information

Have you had your annual flu shot? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends one for most people age 6 months and older. And during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's more important than ever to be vaccinated.

The flu vaccine protects vulnerable individuals like children, the elderly, and people with a weakened immune system (such as cancer), who are more likely to get severely ill. It also reduces the burden on our health care system, already stretched thin from caring for COVID-19 patients. Get your flu shot!

Flu Vaccine Basics

The vaccine is especially important for people at higher risk of complications from the flu, including:

  • Pregnant woman
  • People who have certain medical conditions, including asthma, diabetes, and chronic lung disease.
  • People who live with or provide care to infants.
  • Adults age 65 and older.
  • Children age 5 and younger.

Some people should not receive a flu shot without first speaking with their health care provider. This includes people who:

  • Have had a bad reaction to the flu shot in the past.
  • Are allergic to chicken eggs.
  • Have a fever on the day they're scheduled for a flu shot.

Contact Information

Tsehootsooi Medical Center
  • Main
    (928) 729-8000

Nahata'Dziil Health Center
  • Main
    (928) 688-5600

Mobile Health Program
  • Main
    (928) 205-5921

FDIHB Flu-Shot Locations

This 2022 Flu Season, Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc. will be providing the flu vaccine at the following locations, events and clinics:

COVID-19 testing will NOT be available on Drive-up Flu Shot Blitz Dates (October 15th and October 22nd). Events and clinics are subject to change. For updates and changes, please look on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Community Drive-thru Flu Shot Blitz (5 years old & Older):

Tséhootsooí Medical Center (TMC) will be conducting two Community Drive-thru Flu Shot Blitz events on the following days:

Date Time Location Info
October 15, 2022   (Saturday) 9:00am - 1:00pm Tsehootsooi Medical Center Community Announcement Flyer
October 22, 2022   (Saturday) 9:00am - 1:00pm Tsehootsooi Medical Center

Drive-thru flu shots will be available for the following individuals:

  • Five years old and older. Children under four years must schedule an appointment with TMC Pediatric Clinic 928.729.8710
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany children (under 18 years old).
  • Individuals who live within the communities FDIHB serves and have established Patient Medical Records at Tséhootsooí Medical Center or Nahata’Dziil Health Center.
  • There will be NO COVID-19 vaccination available on these days.
  • There will be NO COVID-19 testing available on these days.

Pediatric (6 months & Older)

Beginning October 3, 2022, Flu shots for individuals 6 months to 18 years old will be available at Tséhootsooí Medical Center & Nahata’Dziil Health Center Pediatric Clinic by appointment only, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call 928.729.8710 / 8718 for an appointment.

Parents or guardians of the patient will also be offered a flu shot in Pediatric Clinic.

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