Grow with Us - Gardening for Beginners

The Public Health Nutrition Program is hosting a virtual “Grow with Us, Gardening 4 Beginners Campaign” using Facebook and our Tsehootsooi Medical Center web page. Join us in learning the steps to building a garden to harvesting your crop from your own backyard.

The goal of this campaign is to get community members interested in starting a garden at home. We will provide education via webinars and Facebook postings every Tuesday and Thursday on gardening topics such as:

  •  Building your own compost and

    preparing your soil for planting

  •  Starting seed starters
  •  Constructing raised garden beds
  •  Transplanting your seed starters and direct


  •  Installing a drip irrigation system
  •  Traditional Navajo planting storytelling
  •  Tips on caring for your garden
  •  Navajo Food Desert Presentation by Cope
  •  Harvesting and cooking from your gardens
  •  Q & A’s
  Facebook Group

Public Health Nutrition will be hosting an 8-week virtual series on starting your own home garden. Track along with us and others in our Facebook group as we give week-by-week guidance on the basics of gardening through videos, photos, and live webinars.

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  • Kelsey Thompson
    (928) 729-8088
  • Ryequel Denny
    (928) 729-8424

Meet the Coordinators

Ryequel Denny - Nutrition Health Tech
  • (928) 729-8424
Kelsey Thompson- Community Nutrition Educator
  • (928) 729-8088

Garderning for Beginners Program Schedule

Date Information Location
May 13-14, 2021 Seed Starter Kit - Curbside Pick-up

Pick up your kit to kick off the growing season with us! Kit will consist of soil, seeds, & starter containers

Guest speaker Joe Pacal from Saint Michaels Indian School presenting on Seed Starting

Nihi Dine’e Ba Wellness Center

Public Health Nutrition will be set up at the Main Front Entrance


May 18 Preparing Soil & Compost

Learn how to start your own compost with materials at home.

Webinar & Q&A
(Facebook Group)
May 20 DIY Garden Beds

How to assemble garden beds & how to maintain it for the next growing seasons to come.

Webinar & Q&A
(Facebook Group)
May 25 Transplant Seed Starter

How & When to Transplant your seed starters into the ground or garden beds.

Webinar & Q&A
(Facebook Group)
May 27 Installing a Drip System

Learn the basic steps of assembling a drip system together & other options for watering your plants.

Webinar & Q&A
(Facebook Group)
June 1 Navajo Corn Story Presentation

Navajo Traditional Storytelling presentation by TMC Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Cultural Liason Emerson John.

(Facebook Group)
June 3 Caring for your Garden & Growing Crops

Learning how to care for your plants through the season such as weeding, watering, pest control, & other topics.

Webinar & Q&A
(Facebook Group)
June 8 Flower Component

Guest speaker Joe Pacal from Saint Michaels Indian School presenting on the many benefits of having flowers in your garden.

June 10 Closing the Gap on Food Insecurity

Guest Speaker TBD Kymie Thomas FVRx Specialist /Carol Palmer Food Systems Specialist from COPE, presentation on ‘What is Food Insecurity?’

June 15 Harvesting

During your harvest, your produce is at its peak. Learn when & how to make use of it right away; whether it’s for a tasty meal or storage.

Webinar & Q&A
(Facebook Group)
June 17 Cooking Demonstration

A Cooking Demonstration from your Garden. Learn how to Make a Nutritious Salad & Salad Dressing.

Video with Recipe
June 22 Smoothie Demonstration

A recipe video on how to make a tasty smoothie.

Video with Recipe

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