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Welcome To Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.

Every journey has a beginning. Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc. is built on a foundation of Health, Wellness, and Tradition. We continue to strive to provide superior and compassionate healthcare with our facilities in Fort Defiance and Sanders, Arizona. And now introducing our newest facility, Nihi Dine'é Bá - For The People Wellness Center.

FDIHB, Inc. views community health as a comprehensive, systematic, coordinated approach to affecting long-term behavior change by influencing the community (cultural) norms through education and community organization. We strive to achieve our mission efficiently and effectively. Thus, we are continually improving processes so that we reduce cost and time while increasing effectiveness.

Tséhootsooí Medical Center
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Nahata'Dziil Health Center
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Nihi Dine'é Bá Wellness Center
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