Frequent Asked Questions

What Is The New Facility By The Hospital?

Nihi Dine'é Bá – For the People Wellness Center is a 48,625K sq/ft facility with seven TMC departments, outreach and educational space, education kitchen, and full size fitness center (indoor elevated track, volleyball/basketball court, fitness classrooms)

Why A Wellness Center?

This Wellness Center will provide an integrated and coordinated health care system where health promotion/disease prevention and medicine will come together to assist people on their Journey to Hozho. The facility will be a beacon for fitness serving the Fort Defiance service area and serve the region for fitness, health, and lifestyle management.

When Is It Going To Open?

January 5 – Soft opening

April 2 – Grand opening

What Are The Hours of Operation?

Wellness Center Department: From April 2 – June 29: Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 7 pm. July – hours may expand based on staff availability.

Public Health Nutrition, Public Health Nursing, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Rehabilitation Services: 7:00am - 5:30pm

Mobile Health Program: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Are There Membership Fees?

Yes, a monthly fee of $30.00 per person. Seniors (65 years and older) and Veterans – $15.00.

Why Are You Charging Membership Fees?

The purpose of charging fees is not to generate revenue. All fees are solely for operations of the Nihi Dine'é Bá - Wellness Center which are the utilities, staffing, materials, equipment, etc.

Nihi Dine'é Bá Wellness Center–“ For the People” Wellness Center is not funded by a grant or federal funds. It is a self-sustaining facility. Everyone will attend an Orientation session and is provided the opportunity to learn how to use the equipment with a Beginner, Intermediate or Advance exercise plan.

Is Nihi Dine'é Bá – For the People Wellness Center Hiring?

Yes, there will be some positions in all areas: Public Health Nursing, Public Health Nutrition, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention, and the Wellness Department. Check regularly on our Careers page as the positions are posted when available.

What’s Inside Nihi Dine'é Bá – For the People Wellness Center?

Public Health Nutrition - As a Public Health Nutrition Department, we strive to help create community wide changes in attitude, policy, and ultimately behaviors that promote the health and well-being in our community. Our program provides general nutrition education, provide community outreach, presentations, youth and adult weight management programming.

Public Health Nursing

Wellness Department - The mission of the department is to provide superior Wellness & Fitness services, which enhance the quality of life, to the community. The department conducts community fitness programming, group fitness classes, exercise education, clinical personal training and maintains operations of the Wellness Center fitness area.

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention - HPDP Program services are primarily community & school-based and include: Coordinated School Health Program, School-Based Mental Health Counseling & Prevention Services, Community-Based Fitness & Wellness Program, Navajo Traditional Education & Cultural Services Program, and Community Health & Wellness Program.

Rehabilitation Services

Mobile Health Program