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Do I need any type of equipment?

When registering for class, you will receive an email with details of class. If the class requires exercise equipment, the items will be listed there; however, overall the classes will not require equipment which cannot be replaced/modified with an item found in your home.

Do I need to be “in shape” to attend a class?

Exercise classes will consist of low to moderate intensity movements and activity; meaning you’ll sweat, but you should be able to breathe without significant effort throughout the entire class. The classes are easy to follow, and instructors will offer modifications to meet your specific exercise goals. Modifications may include higher or lower intensity options or alternative moves

How do I know which class is beginner, intermediate, and high intensity?

When registering for class, an email will be sent with the intensity of the class with details of what the class entails. A vast majority of classes will be low-to-moderate intensity.

If I am doing an exercise wrong, will you be able to correct me?

During our LIVE classes, participants can only be observed or corrected, if the individual has their cameras ON for the instructor (and assistant) to see.

If I miss a class, is there a place I can find it to do later?

If you do miss a class, you can check the schedule to see if the same class is scheduled the following week. However, we will not be recording classes that are LIVE.

If this session is recorded, will I have access to it?

Classes that are recorded for on-demand access will be located on the FDIHB, Wellness Center Website, located at the following link: (link)

What age do the participants have to be able to join the class?

Upon registering for a class, be sure to read the confirmation email. Unless otherwise noted, all classes will be safe for 13+ y/o. There are some child specific classes, so be sure to look at the calendar!

What am I required to wear inside the Nihi Dine’e ba Wellness Center?

Exercise clothing or comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and is breathable and won’t irritate the skin.

What to do in the event of an emergency while participating in class?

In the event of an emergency, FDIHB, Inc. staff can only help if the camera is on! Each class will have a technical assistant, who will keep microphones muted to ensure appropriate audio for an effective class; this means, staff will only know there is an issue if your camera is on or your use the chat box.

What will I expect in 25%? 50%? 75%? And 100%?

What you can expect is a progressive approach to reimplementing services. :) Our plans have been broken down into percentages with 100% being “the new normal.” In brief, 25% will consist of virtual services; 50% will mark restarting our Clinical referral services via hybrid programming and testing gym operations with FDIHB staff; 75% we will reopen the facility to the community and begin providing in person to the various communities.

When will I be able to go to group fitness classes in-person?

Currently we are working in phases to re-open to the community. When we reopen it will be in phases to meet the safety of the community and staff.

When will the Nihi Dine’e ba Wellness Center be open?

The Wellness department was fortunate to assist the FDIHB service area, and you!, throughout the duration of our COVID response. This has kept us busy and we are preparing a phased approach to reopening (much like how we initially opened the Wellness Center, several years ago). This will ensure we are able to provide the high quality, safe and effective services you have all come to expect from us. We have received many comments and suggestions from all of our patrons since we have opened, and we are working on incorporating those things into our reopening. Beginning April 26th, we will begin our first phase of reopening, which includes multiple, daily, virtual Group Fitness and Education sessions.

“I do not want people to see me if I am working out, will this be recorded?”

Live classes will not be recorded. However, there will be pre-recorded videos that will be offered on the FDIHB Nihi Dine’e Ba Wellness Center website for participants who are not able to attend live classes.

“Will other attendees be able to see me? Does my camera have to be on? Will I be able to talk to someone during class to ask questions?

Other participants will be able to see you during class, if your camera is turned on but it is not required. We do HIGHLY recommend all participants to have their cameras on for safety monitoring, because each exercise class will have a behind-the-scenes trainer, who is available in the chat to answer questions, as well as to inform the instructor of any changes in demonstration or in the event of an emergency. Every participant does have the capability to use a microphone, however, during class, each participant’s microphone will be muted to prevent background interruption (participants can unmute if emergent). Therefore the ideal set-up, to have the safest, most enjoyable, and tailored class, would be to have a camera on (pointed towards yourself), microphone muted, and easy access to their keyboard to ask any questions.

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