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Corner of Routes N12 & N7
Ft. Defiance, AZ 86504

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Department directory

Audiology(928) 729-8915
Dental Clinic
Diabetes Education(928) 729-8467
Eye Clinic(928) 729-8900
Emergency Department(928) 729-8600
Family Advocacy Center(928) 729-3705
HIM (Medical Records)(928) 729-8272
Infusion Clinic(928) 729-8460
Intensive Care Unit(928) 729-8980
Laboratory(928) 729-8840
Mental/Behavioral Health(928) 729-8500
Mental Health Well BeingHotline (928) 729-3400
Multi-Service Unit(928) 729-8625
OB/GYN Clinic - Women’s Health(928) 729-8770
OB Ward(928) 729-8795
Ortho Clinic(928) 729-8815
Pediatric Clinic(928) 729-8710
Pharmacy(928) 729-8328
Physical Therapy(928) 729-8810
Podiatry Clinic(928) 729-8825
Primary Care Clinic(928) 729-8032
Public Health Nursing(928) 729-8470
Purchase Referred Care(928) 729-8181
Surgery Clinic/ENT/Wound Care(928) 729-8922
Welcome Center
X-Ray(928) 729-8350