Facilities Maintenance

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Facilities Maintenance

Department Mission: “To Provide a Safe Comfortable Environment”

The hospital Facilities Maintenance service is responsible to maintain 245,000 square foot hospital facility, 47,000 square foot wellness center, and 30,000 square foot clinic in Sanders Az. Our quality services includes general building operations and maintenance, central plant operations, electrical and plumbing, backup power, building automations, fire and life safety, grounds, project management and capital budget planning. Our mission is "to provide a safe comfortable environment” to the community and maintain patient focus.


Intergration of Patient Care Services with other Departments/ Services

The Facilities Maintenance service has the ultimate responsibility to provide all labor, materials and equipment to perform the scheduled inspections/services, whether is with station-force personnel or outside contracted services (using appropriate funds). The Scheduled inspection/service are established and conducted in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations and other applicable code requirements.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program

To design and implement, to extend the useful life of all the hospital facilities and equipment through scheduled inspections and services including the cleaning, adjustment, lubrication and minor repairs. Maintenance technician performs PM and corrective maintenance and conducts functional and safety testing.

Inventory/ Supplies

The Facilities Maintenance Service Department has an Inventory/Supplies Technician that monitor all parts/supplies need for building, grounds and system equipment repairs. Maintains high standards and quality of orders, stocks and keep inventory on maintenance supplies.

Community Served

The Facilities Maintenance Department provides support services for patients and families from Window Rock AZ, Navajo NM, Red Lake AZ, Fort Defiance AZ, Crystal NM, Saw Mill AZ, Grease Wood AZ, Lupton AZ, and more.

Office Hours
  • Monday-Friday
    8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
After Office Hours

Occasional after hours for emergency repairs.

Facilities Maintenance


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