Property Management

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Property Management

To provide quality shipping and receiving to our customers by demonstrating leadership in meeting the healthcare regulatory and standards for the operation of the shipping and receiving area.

The Property Management provides professional and quality services in the areas of receipt and delivery of goods & services, shipping, medical gas monitoring and management, disposition of personal property, recycling of personal property, mail services and management of various work requests.


Receiving, Delivery & Shipping
  • Track incoming shipments.
  • Distribute and delivery shipments to departments.
  • Assist departments in selecting method of shipment.
  • Assist with outbound shipments.
Receiving Process
  • The delivery of requested products and services marks a “transition” in the Purchase-to-Pay
  • process from a purchasing activity to a payable activity.
  • All purchases must be “received” to release payment to the supplier.
  • The Receiving Specialist must determine if the products or services received are acceptable and conform to the terms and conditions of the purchase order.
Medical Gas Management
  • Manage the inventory of the medical gas cylinders and medical gas levels.
  • Distribute medical gas cylinders to various clinical areas, Emergency Room and the Operating Room.
Mail Services
  • Responsible for receiving, sorting, distributing, collecting, metering and sending out TMC and NDZ mail.
Service Requests (TMA Work Requests)
  • Office moves.
  • Set-up tables and chairs for various events.
  • Move goods in and out of storage.
  • Inventory control of surplus property.
  • Disposition of personal property-coordinate transfer and disposal of equipment, furnishings and miscellaneous items.
  • Recycling of miscellaneous items; scrap metal, wooden pallets etc.
Opening Hours
  • Monday-Friday  
    8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday  
  • Sunday  

Property Manager

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