Family Advocacy Center

Family Advocacy Center

The Family Advocacy Center is the only program of its kind on the Navajo Nation with the purpose of serving children, adolescents and adults who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse or assault.

The Family Advocacy Center was established by the Board, Inc. to bring specialized medical care to those who have had these difficult experiences. The Board has a deep commitment to improving the lives and health of the Navajo community. The Board recognizes the need to address the serious problems of sexual abuse and sexual assault on the Navajo Nation.

The Tse’hootsooi’ Family Advocacy Center is a program of the Tse’hootsooi Medical Center. The primary function of the Family Advocacy Center is to provide medical evaluations and evidence collection, if appropriate, for children, adolescents and adults who have been sexually abused or assaulted.The Family Advocacy Center staff have specialized training and are certified professionals in the practice of medicine in this area. The evaluations for sexual assault are comprehensive and can be performed to meet individual needs and expectations.

The Family Advocacy Center provides these comprehensive medical evaluations in a supportive safe clinical setting. The confidentiality and privacy of each person is of the utmost importance. Your comfort and safety is important to us and we will do all we can to help you start on your path of healing after this traumatic experience.


  • Medical Evaluation

    The medical evaluation at the Family Advocacy Center includes a comprehensive medical examination, evidence collection if appropriate, laboratory testing, crisis counseling and anticipatory guidance. Follow-up care is also available. The Family Advocacy Center team attempts to make the experience during the medical evaluation as positive as possible. The staff of the Family Advocacy Center is trained to be sensitive and responsive to your needs.

    The Family Advocacy Center collaborates with the agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse and sexual assault. Navajo interpreters are available as needed to assist with answering questions and the gathering of medical information.

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