Patient Relations

Patient Relations

Quality Services Mission Statement: "To proactively monitor, improve, and cultivate quality care and safety for our customers " and the Vision Statement: "To be a resource for improving healthcare quality".

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to all of our customers by having information available and assisting with any concerns so our customers are satisfied with the services our facility is providing. We also like to ensure our patients health information is secure by providing education and training to FDIHB staff.


  • Information Desk

    Receptionist are able to assist patients, customers and visitors with information on locations of clinic and departments. They can also call for transportation for patients. Patient Advocacy services are available if you need assistance with a concern.

  • Interpreter Services

    Please notify your care team if you need an interpreter so arrangements can be made for an interpreter to assist you.

  • Transport Services (Coming Soon)

    Patient in-house transport services will become available for patients who need assistance in locating clinic and services within the Tseehootsoi Medical Center.